Saturday, April 12, 2008

An old dog learns a new trick!

Welcome to what will be a running commentary about birds, travel and what is happening at my job of being Director of EcoTravel for CT Audubon.

My first blog! I guess you really can teach an old dog some new tricks! The tools of my trade are binoculars and spotting scope and a good sense of direction but, I never thought I'd be making a blog about my day to day birding... how times have changed!

Tune in and get the latest info from the road and field as I follow birds from season to season. I have been the Director of EcoTravel for Connecticut Audubon Society for 12 years and have had the opportunity to travel the globe with many interesting people in search of great birds, unique habitats, and outstanding scenery.  I love showing birds to and sharing special experiences with appreciative travelers and adventurers. I hope someday you too will join me... until then, enjoy my blog!