Friday, August 8, 2008

Shorebirds on the Move
South Beach, off the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts, is clearly one of the premier shorebird spots on the east coast. Our group of 13 met early to head east to experience the incredible volume and great variety of birds that this place offers. After a three and a half hour car ride, two pit stops, and a 15 minute boat ride, we were in shorebird heaven.

The wide expanse of food filled sand flats makes South Beach a superb feeding station for northern nesting shorebirds on their migration south. Marbled and Hudsonian Godwit, hundreds of Red Knot, a lone Arctic Tern, dowitchers, plovers, peeps, pipers, semi this and semi that, oh my goodness what a great day! Everyone saw at least one special bird that will hang in the memories for years to come. As we waited for our turn to take the boat back to the mainland, we enjoyed the patterings of the numerous Wilson's Storm-Petrels on the ocean side of the peninsula, and the dalliances of Harbor and Gray Seals as they moved just outside of the shore's thundering waves.

Great birds, good friends, and stellar weather all made for the kind of day that sooths you with a comforting afterglow. Thanks to everyone for their part in making this day special in our memories.

Red Knot

Arctic Tern
Hank G.

South Beach
Hank G.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Plastic Bags
Just got this link from Barbara S. about the incredible number of plastic bags we use; and of course the serious damage they can do to environment and animals alike.