Monday, February 2, 2009

In Search of Rarities

Wow...the last few weeks has been a bonanza of great birds not too far from home. Some brave souls and good friends and I have made runs to see the great offerings in New Hampshire and Massachusetts of late. A Northern Hawk Owl had been consistently seen in mid-NH so we headed out for what ended up being a 600 mile day. The owl was right where we had hoped and gave us fine opportunity for good photos.

After spending some time with the magnificent owl, we headed off to surrounding towns in search of fruit trees that might be host to another northern visitor, the Bohemian Waxwing. With some adept spotting from the back seat, we located a flock of about 30 of the buff beauties.
We then made a dash to Gloucester in search of one of two Ivory Gulls in Massachusetts, but had little time and struck out in the dwindling light.

The following week, our Sachuest Point trip took a detour to Plymouth for the second Ivory Gull, and were lucky enough to find the bird waiting for us when we pulled into the parking lot, on the pier, in the middle of town. This bird is outstanding! A delicate, white whisp, traveling the seas in search of whale carcasses. How cool is that!

Published Book

I recently finished creating a photo and narrative book for Connecticut Audubon's trip to Churchill for the annual Polar Bear migration. If you would like to preview it and perhaps even purchase a copy, click on this link. I trust that you will enjoy it!