Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eagles !
It's been a while since posting! Just been too busy to think of doing it when I have so many people depending on our getting reservations right for the multitude of Eagle Boats and destinations further afield in places like Arkansas, Jamaica, Galapagos, Cuba, and the Platte River of Nebraska. It has been a very busy travel season for EcoTravel which included moving our office across town. Moving has got to be one of the dullest exercises on the planet but it does afford you the chance to toss all that stuff you have not laid hands on for over a year.

We recently ended our Eagle Boat Season and started our Osprey Cruises but not before we enjoyed the highlight of the year with two days of great Golden Eagle viewing. On the second day, the young bird was perched for over and hour alongside an unusually plumaged sub-adult Bald Eagle (since nicknamed "Weird Whitey"). Enjoy the image by Gary Spinner and give us a call to join a trip; lots of birds and fun people! We are already taking reservations for our next Cuba Bird Study and Tanzania Safari. AG