Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Image of Great Shearwater by Patrick Coin

Block Island - Always Something New!
Each year, as I gear-up getting ready for the annual Block Island weekend, I wonder what will make it stand-out from the 20 other times I have been out there in early October in search of birds. Well, this year did not disappoint with the passing of a tropical low just off shore producing our first-ever sightings of Cory's and Great Shearwater and a few ocean swells over ten feet. It was a rough ride for travellers but for some worth the pain. A few shearwaters came in close to the boat, as the spray raced down the sides at over 40mph, drenching those who were not protected behind the cabin.

You know what the difference is between a Sailor and an Old Salt?

The Old Salt puts his rain gear on before he gets wet!

Cheers, AG
Image of Cory's Shearwater by Tom Allmendinger