Thursday, May 29, 2014

Armchair Birding

I went out last night to listen for any in-flight migrants heading north over my yard with intentions of bolstering my yard list with a Solitary Sandpiper or something equally as fun. The skies were quiet, overcast, and looking a bit unfriendly. So, I went back in and turned on the TV to watch the final round of the NCAA National Golf Championship being held in Kansas. I like the golf but the big bonus is the birdsong in the background and it was the best I have ever heard! I called my buddy Jay Hand in Arizona, got him on the TV and we set out birding from our armchairs, in KANSAS. We tallied about 20 species including Summer Tanager and a Bell's Vireo. Not too bad! The question arose as to if hearing a bird through a live broadcast was legit birding, with the thought that it was just an electronic device like a super hearing aid. And, should we be posting our list on eBird? Makes sense to me! Oh, I am sure there could be some thoughts on this from the birding community! It was loads of fun birding with my buddy in Kansas (while he was in Arizona and I in Connecticut)! Give it a try and let me know how you do! If we could just get the commentators to stop talking, we could do so much better!  AG