Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bears and a Sun Bonus

Every trip to Churchill one hopes they will get at least some time with sun and bears, giving the best chance at good photos. Well we lucked out with more than a few hours both yesterday and today.

Hatsy M.

We were out on the tundra by 830AM and you could tell the sun had a good chance of breaking through and giving us that all so desired low angle light that makes photos good photos even better.
It wasn't just bears but a flock of about 40 Willow Ptarmigan flew right up to the rover and hung by for about 10 minutes allowing for photos and giving us a great listen to their what can only be described as a "really weird" call. The only way I think of telling you what it sounds like is perhaps frogs trying to do a rap song. Click below to listen: www.kiwifoto.com/galleries/birds/willow_ptarmigan

Regretfully, we leave here tomorrow and back to Winnipeg. We may have few moments in the morning for a little scanning of Hudson Bay and the surrounding tundra and then off to the airport for the 3 hour flight.

Everyone is tired but happy.

More tomorrow.


Bear Behavior: making prints, sitting, sniffing, rolling, and sleeping.

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