Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farewells - May 3

Some final farewells and a short panga ride to the port of San Cristobal, Baquerizo Moreno. We had some time to search the local shops after visiting the Interpretation Center. Sea lions entertained us as we waited for the bus ride to the airport. Efren and Janet (crew and guide) were on the same flight and departed when we stopped in Guayaquil. Miguel (crew) too.

It was cold when we arrived in Quito and actually a nice change from the heat of Galapagos. Our group dined together and talked about our favorite birds, locations, food, crew members, and more. Some had early flights so we said more farewells with vows to keep in touch.

I can clearly see why the Galapagos are "The Number One Natural History Destination." Being the home of evolution, Flightless Cormorant, the most northern penguin, an opportunity to swim with sea lions, geologically outstanding, uniquely scenic, and so much more... it is understandable. This is a true "bucket list" top five! I hope the experience will be something Sam will draw on for the rest of his life. I suspect it will be.

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