Friday, August 28, 2009

June 20 - On to North Dakota
We were able to fly direct to Minot without a fuel stop which gave us some more time on the ground in North Dakota. We dropped our luggage at the lovely B and B, Dakota Rose, met Carol and Jim Carr the owners, and picked-up some sandwiches before heading east to Salyer NWR.

Like many refuges in the NWR system, this refuge is a series of impoundments divided by elevated roads on which one can drive. Birding was stupendous with many fine looks at Black Tern scouring the waterways along the road. Marsh Wrens called everywhere as did countless Sora, who after many attempts to draw one out...remained elusive.

Eared Grebe were present in impressive numbers (100+) including a large raft of feeding and interacting, brightly plumaged individuals. The watering holes and cattail marshes were widespread, hosting many Black-crowned Night-Heron, ducks of many species, and a large colony of Franklin's Gull; a great refuge and greatly worth the visit.

Dinner in town at a restaurant called "10 Main Street" was fine food and service despite my abscessed tooth and one-and-a-half hour wait at the emergency room to get some antibiotics.

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