Saturday, April 26, 2008

Texas: Day Ten

Departure day!  Wow!  Can ten days have passed?  The time on High Island, Aransas Bay, and King Ranch do seem a long time ago, but in a strange way still very familiar and recent.  We walk around our lodgings before breakfast and enjoy some fine views of Bewick's Wren, Black-throated Sparrow, and a jillion Clay-colored Sparrows.  We madly pack, load the cars and head for Houston thinking we have hours to spare; not the case.  Our driving skills and ability to interpret maps and GPS guidance systems put us at the airport like we are neatly in charge of all the potential pitfalls surrounding us (the sweat dripping from me - I hope no one notices) and at the gate only 10 or 15 minutes before boarding.  Man, we are good ("lucky")!

Well, I bid you farewell from the trip proper, but hope to continue the blog as I head back to work, the "normal" routine, and the excitement of the spring migration in New England.  The best thing about coming home... my family... and second?  Keeping in touch with the people I have come to know and share this special experience with to Texas' coast, valley, and hills.

I hope you too will be able to visit this unique place for your first time or a repeat adventure. Give me a call.  I would love to tell you more.

Enjoy the anticipation of your next adventure.



Andrew Griswold, Director
Connecticut Audubon Society EcoTravel

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