Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring Migration - Busy Week

Well, I am finally finding some time to post a few thoughts. It has been a blazingly fast spring migration with a trip to Texas and many more to coordinate; Cape May, Cornwall, and the CT Lakes. The local migration is at its peak, the first Blackpoll Warblers just arriving. Hammonasset Beach State Park has yielded some nice birds including a first for me in Connecticut, a Boat-tailed Grackle. I never bothered to chase boattails in Fairfield county on any of the multiple occations they have shown up. Hearing the familiar sound of coastal Texas in my own backyard was a bit of a strange twist, the electronic kids' game sounds of a displaying male. This week is a busy few days with a group trip to my favorite spring locations and a private tour to find a few area specialties. For personal targets, I have been looking locally for Least Bitterns over the last week or so, never having seen one in Connecticut; many in Texas. Wish me luck!


Larry said...

I'm going to be staying on the Connecticut River just below Lake Francis June 8th-13th. I've gone on a fishing trip every year for about 25 years.The last two years I've been able to convince the guys that the CT Lakes area is a good place to fish-(while I'm birding).I haven't had any luck finding a Black-backed Woodpecker up there so far. Maybe this year will be the year for me. When is your trip planned for CT Lakes?

Andrew Griswold said...

Hi Larry -
Sorry to be so late in getting back to you. Our trip to the CT Lakes is May 29 - June 1. We still have a couple of spots left so give us a call as soon as you can if you want to join the group. There is a good chance at seeing the Black-backed Woodpecker. Nice bird! Cheers, Andy 800-996-8747