Thursday, November 6, 2008

Arrival in Winnipeg
Our intrepid group of travelers arrived with no delays or flight troubles. Winnipeg weather is a reminder of what's ahead for us in the next month or so at home with driving rain and frozen precipitation on the menu for tomorrow; hopefully clearing in time for our early flight on Saturday.
Delise and Joan

Our group dwindled a bit with Fran T. not being able to make it last minute. We will miss you Fran and promise to keep an eye on your husband Paul. He seemed to enjoy himself at dinner and truly is a kind and welcome addition to the adventurous team.

We have a number of single ladies on the tour, a large family group of five, two brother-in-laws, two young 10 year old boys, a retired attorney, a graduate of Yale Forestry School, an international investor, medical sales person, two artists, a retired executive, and a few more I have not yet discovered...a real eclectic group. It promises to be a very interesting eight days full of engaging conversation.

Pat Rouseau
Pat Rouseau, our Canadian guide with over 30 years of experience with the Canadian parks service, gave us our evening briefing of things to come. A great dinner kicked off the evening and anticipation of coming events has everyone energised...perhaps a bit more so after catching up on lost sleep from all the early morning departures.

More to come. Off to explore Winnipeg tomorrow.

Cheers, AG

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