Friday, November 7, 2008

Winnipeg: Gateway to the Canadian West
Our first sop today was Manitoba's provincial capitol building, a stunning example of the Free Masons' astounding abilities. The detail of the carvings in the fossil laden limestone, enormous bronze statues of bison, and shear elegance of the building were captivating.

With early winter grayness, raw, windy conditions, a day at the museum was a great way to introduce ones self to the environs of the Canadian north. The natural history and cultural museum here in Winnipeg is one of Canada's hidden gems.

This museum embraces the aboriginal cultures, early European influences, and northern ecology with superb focus and delivery. Displays include great information about the Hudson Bay Company and its early endeavors to tame the Canadian wilderness.

Dioramas were among the finest I have seen and rival the best New York and Boston have to offer. It was hard to pull tour participants from the very informative, entertainingly diverse exhibits offered by this museum.
This inukshuk is an ancient navigational aid used in the arctic and still used today, apparently more reliable than modern aids.
And apparently the gift shop was good too.

Early flight to Churchill tomorrow.


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